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Why Catholic?

Vatican II Document, in its DEGREE ON THE APOSTOLATE OF THE LAITY (Apostolicam Actuositatem) said: “This Sacred Synod earnestly exhorts the laity to take a more active part, each according to his talents and knowledge, to explain and defend Christian principles, and to apply them rightly to the problems of our of times, according to the mind of the Church” (no.6).

In response to this mission, the WHY CATHOLIC? Program and resources at St. Joseph are designed to support her members to deepen their knowledge of scripture and of the Catholic tradition; to devote themselves to prayers and reflections, and to seek the best possible ways to internalize and apply the Gospel values in their daily lives and at the service of the community.

Program Goals: Meditate on God’s word and the teaching of the church; share the experience of prayer, and participate in the development of faith- based communities

Time: Monday, 6:00p.m - 8:00p.m (during 6 week periods in Advent and Lent)

Walter McGowan (334) 727- 5229 or
Dr. Hyacinth Findlay, (334) 727-1956